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Over the weekend I visited Brighton for the first time. Of all of its many famous attractions, the Royal Pavilion was my favourite - an insane display of insane wealth, on the outside and the inside. You’re not allowed to take pictures, but they wouldn’t have really done the place justice anyway. The banquet room and music room look like something out of a Disney movie.

The pier (the only one left!) was also wonderful, probably the part of Brighton that most felt like walking into a postcard. From it, you can see the sad-looking remains of the West Pier just along the beach.

The picture of the beach, with the crazy golf in the foreground, was taken from the Brighton wheel. From ground level the wheel looks like a smaller, faster version of the London Eye, but being inside one of the pods feels more like a traditional ferris wheel. The pods rock in the wind (which just happened to be fierce that day), and it’s fine at first, when you’re still within easy jumping-distance of the ground, but when they pause the wheel with you at the very top… not so much.

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